Rhône Images was founded in 2023 by architect/designer, Cody Campbell.  Cody has over 20 years of experience with architectural design, 3D modeling, rendering, construction detailing, presentations and photography.  Cody has a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from UCLA and for 10 years has worked for Frank Gehry in Los Angeles, California where he has refined his design sensibilities and as an architect and gained invaluable knowledge of building systems and construction.


We bring your ideas to life.  Equipped with the knowledge, experience and intense passion for design and photography, Rhône Images puts the focus on detail, materials, light and shadow to offer clients compelling visualizations that are rooted in architectural and photographic reality. Whether you need to inject realism into your design or create architectural drama to bring your concept design to the next level, we have the tools, skillset, and experience to make it happen. We create resolution, atmosphere and mood to bring your concepts to life.